In a nutshell

Creating a Circular Economy

Nemus acquires at-risk land in the rainforest and creates a series of collectible NFTs, each tied to a unique geolocation within the land. A portion of sales from NFTs pays for operations and the purchase of the land, while the remaining proceeds are stored in the Nemus Treasury. With the help of the Nemus DAO, the Treasury then funds economic and social activity on the land.


Economic Activity

The rainforest is overflowing with natural resources. Without compromising the land or its biodiversity, Nemus establishes sustainable activities that benefit the entire ecosystem.


Social Activity

Nemus initiatives include local communities by creating commercial and social opportunities that connect both digital and real-world economies.


Nemus Treasury

Collectors of the Nemus NFT, Guardians, can participate in the Nemus DAO to ensure that treasury funds are used as a force for good; protecting and conserving the land.


Nemus NFTs

Nemus NFTs are the keys to the forest. Holders unlock rewards and participation in the DAO, forming a lasting legacy between themselves and the rainforest.

The Nemus Ecosystem

We all have a role to play in the future of our planet. Below we highlight the key participants that will contribute to a circular economy, where everyone can benefit from doing good.

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On the ground

In the ether

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