Introducing Ben Kwok

All Legendary NFTs in the Genesis Drop will feature original illustrations by Ben Kwok, our first featured artist. Ben is an up-and-coming NFT artist with an incredible portfolio behind him. Learn more about Ben by visiting his website or finding him on Instagram.

How to Acquire an NFT

Before each drop, tickets will be available for purchase inside the Nemus app. Each ticket entitles a Guardian a 1:1 exchange for an equal sized NFT once they are available to mint.


Step 1

Buy Tickets & Enter Queue for Upcoming Drops


Step 2

Select Your NFT on the Nemus Map


Step 3

Exchange Your Ticket to Mint Your NFT

Exploring the NFT “Card”

Once minted, each NFT has a visual appearance similar to a trading card. A card is used to neatly display all of the information the NFT represents and creates a fun aspect to building your very own collection.

Please note that while ownership of an NFTs is not a claim to ownership of the land, they can be used to earn the native NEA token, unlock ongoing game rewards and foster sustainable activity on the land.

Features Based on Actual Bio-Diversity

Nemus aims to raise awareness for the rich biodiversity of the jungle, by highlighting its unique flora and fauna on each NFT card. Each featured species is documented to exist within the drop. As a Guardian, you will be able to “explore” each of your NFTs to discover these features, learn more about the biodiversity, and earn rewards as you build your collection.

Click icons

From Scorpions to Eagles

There are 4 layers of the rainforest, from the canopy to the forest floor, and each layer is represented on the Nemus card. Specific animals, plants and insects can be found in each layer, reflecting the amazing biodiversity that might be found on your land.

From Common to Legendary

The rainforest includes over 3 million species. Some are commonly seen. Others are rare, or even considered endangered. Our features reflect these levels of scarcity in the jungle. Will you discover a card with all commons? Or will an epic appear? It’s this randomness and depth that provides excitement to every NFT you mint.

Rarity of features

Common 58%
Uncommon 24%
Rare 13%
Epic 5%
Legendary .25%

Rarity of features

Common 58%
Uncommon 24%
Rare 13%
Epic 5%
Legendary .25%

Future NFT Utility

As new modes are released, every Guardian will have a decision to make with their NFT. Will they set out in “Exploration mode,” using their NFT to mint new NFTs? Or will they lock them in “Conservation Mode” to earn token rewards?


Exploration Mode

In “Exploration Mode,” Guardians can lock their NFTs to mint new feature NFTs to add to their collection. As collections are completed, a Guardian will unlock new titles, rankings and rewards in the native NEA token.


Conservation Mode

Using DeFi mechanics, Guardians will receive rewards (in the native NEA token) when they choose to lock their NFT in “Conservation Mode.” The amount of rewards depends on the size and tier for each card.

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