The problem

Current incentives aren’t Working

Whether due to old traditions, lack of options or personal financial gain, the value of the rainforest is skewed toward its destruction, and little has been done to change it.


Slash & Burn

In many areas of the Amazon, land is slashed and burned to raise cattle and/or build a homestead. For many families this is often the only means for income or sustenance. For others, it’s easy profit.


How the Land is Valued

Currently there is greater incentive to cut trees than to save them, given that pastureland reaches higher valuations than non-performing forest properties.


Laws Are Difficult to Enforce

Local officials often lack the equipment or manpower to enforce the laws. So for “professional squatters,” the reward for clear cutting and selling land they don’t own far outweighs the risk of being caught.

The Nemus Solution

The Value of Conservation

Simply taking legal possession over land in the Amazon and preserving it is not enough. Without ongoing activities, monitoring and continuous funding, the land can still be accessed and destroyed. Conservation, on the other hand, protects land by creating sustainable activities on the land. These activities restrict access and help thwart illegal actions, while providing a benefit for both the biodiversity and local communities.


Changing the Narrative

Nemus can change the current perspective on how the forest is valued, by showing that conservation can be more economically viable than burning it down.


Forming a Protective Belt

Nemus is designed as a scalable model to rapidly secure and protect a vast amount of land, effectively building a protective barrier across the rainforest.


Making It Easier To Help

Historically, the path to helping the rainforest was led by donations. With Nemus, anyone in the world can play an active part in ongoing efforts to stop deforestation.


Community Focused

Beyond finding new means to work, generating income and/or improving quality of life, Nemus can educate local communities on the need for change, including them as part of the solution.

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